What are the features of beautiful people?

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Beautiful people are everywhere, they really have a wide presence. I don't know if you've heard or listened to a song by Chris Brown that talks about beautiful people. There is no area or vicinity where you won't find them.

Beauty by Country of Origin

Let me ask you a question. Who are the world's ugliest people? I don't know and I'm not ready to perform a google search for that but I can guess - it should be a certain country in Africa. If you are from Africa, note that I mean no offence. It's just that people fairer in complexion usually happen to be the most attractive in physical appearance and face structure. This is just a hint to all you caucasians. You are the most beautiful people (joking).

I find the Indians quite attractive, especially the women (I'm a male). What about the Arabians. OMG, I've never seen people as beautiful as Arabians. There's this special way their faces are structured that gives you that feeling of vibration while doing a mind comparison of yourself and them (referring mainly to women).

Features of Beautiful People

Are you beautiful? Even the ugly will answer "yes" to that question. My answer is, of course, yes. I'm beautiful and you are too. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Now lets dig into the features and characteristics of really beautiful people - really appealing people that 80% of a certain number of people would confirm as "beautiful" if a survey was carried out. Are beautiful people friendly? Well, they're not. I don't know about men but beautiful women certainly aren't friendly (unless you buy them chocolates).

Story Time

I was talking to a beautiful lady yesterday. She's a part of my work team and I admire the way she talks and relates to people. This lady was humorous and always smiling, particularly at me, even during serious conversations e.g at official meetings. I don't know what got into me which triggered my mouth to emit the question: "Are you in love with me?". The skinny look she gave me made me tremble a bit. I looked away for a moment, asking myself "what did I just say?". She didn't talk to me for the rest of the day, nor did she smile. What troubled me the most was that she didn't utter a word. Thus, I couldn't ascertain if she was offended or not.

Update: The same lady came up to me the next day and kissed me for five minutes. I guess this is one of the features of beautiful people - they "sometimes" recocile easily.

Silly Conclusion

So I can reach a firm conclusion now. Some beautiful people are friendly, some are not. Again, I know more about women so I'll only talk about women for the rest of this article. Here are facts about beautiful women which I brought up myself based on my experience. Take everything listed below with a grain of salt because they're just my findings, and I couldn't care less about their accuracy :-)

• Beautiful women are stubborn

• They're generous but not with their bodies

• Majority of them consume chocolates everyday

• They welcome men warmly but refuse romantic conversations

• You can flirt with them but there is an unusual limit

• The indecent ones are usually found in brothels

• They eat a few when their man is around and eat a when he's not

• They make the loudest noise while delivering their babies

• They spend 8+ hours per day looking at the mirror

• They reject friend requests on facebook

And the last.... The majority of them never get married. I see marriages happening everyday and from my observation, the ratio of beautiful women getting married to ugly or fairly beautiful women getting married is 1:6. Lol ;-).

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