Who is currently the most accomplished minority american female writer who has made the greatest literary impact?

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Although she has been writing for many years, Toni Morrison is still one of the leading literary voices of our time and has to be surpassed by another in her field, regardless of race or gender. Toni Morrison who is clearly a minority American female writer is a Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, editor, and professor. Her novels are known for their epic themes, vivid dialogue, and richly detailed black characters. Among her best known novels are The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon and Beloved. She has won nearly every book prize possible, and has been awarded honorary degrees. What makes Toni Morrison such an important American writer is her ability to illustrate the dark and often horrific history of this great country. The events of African American history are not just illustrated through action in her novels but are brought to painful clarity for the reader through the eyes and emotions of her usually female protagonists. As an American female writer and a black woman, she is able to illustrate the often untold story of how civil rights, slavery and the oppression of others has poisoned this country and threatened to destroy its ability to thrive. However, in her discussion of America's historical shortcomings, she has also managed to teach her readers a great amount about redemption and how these past transgressions and emotional wounds can be healed. In this reparation, there is a second chance for a country that once prescribed self-loathing to relinquish it's fear, hatred and ignorance. She is giving us that second chance through her prose, a fictional catharsis that allows the reader to understand history on a far more intimate level, to be excited, appalled and deeply grieved by it. In this very chance, the reader is given an education how to look at the past with more compassion, clarity and tolerance...this ability can then translate to interpersonal interactions. Once compassion begins to bloom within the heart of a person, this emotion often translates into behavior and that is where her greatest impact on society lies. She not only entertains, enlightens and educates, but she has the ability to help people help themselves and those around them through a greater understanding of the past. This type of sensitivity also allows people to view the American demographic in a more thoughtful and delicate way. All people in this country are not given the same opportunities, we do have a great amount of healing to do, and there are still enormous racial rifts that lie between those in power and those who seek equality. These dichotomies between people can only be bridged when the process of thought begins, and it is simply impossible to view the current state of this country's humanity clearly when the elements of the past are only understood on a one dimensional level. Toni Morrison, one of the greatest female writers of our time, has created a tool through her writing that allows people to conceptualize history in a more complex and multifaceted way. God bless this minority American female writer!

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