What type of popular romance novel will fit my belief system and lifestyle?

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A Reader’s Guide to the Popular Romance Novel Genre

According to the Romance Writer’s of America, the popular romance novel contains a central love story and an emotionally satisfying ending. Both of which create numerous writing and reading possibilities.

The popular romance novel draw readers with a diverse and steady offering of literary characters, settings, and storylines. And for every reader, there is a sub-genre of romance fiction offered to enchant and enthrall. Contemporary Romance

Readers will immediately realize there are many categories of the popular romance novel. For those readers looking for a popular romance novel that explores the current issues and settings of the present time period, the contemporary romance novel is a good choice. A diverse range of multicultural characters can be found in the contemporary romance genre, as well as a host of urban and rural settings. In the development of adult relationships, these novels may portray a demure physical relationship or a risqué style of sexual exploration.

Historical RomancePopular romance novel readers often find themselves drawn to certain genres of romance. For those readers interested in history, the historical romance will give readers a satisfying read. The historical romance novel is a well-researched novel, set before World War II. Typically the story is located within in the United States or Europe. The main characters are bold, often challenging the norms of the time period. The historical romance sub-genre includes Native-American Romance, Medieval Romance, Gothic Romance, and Western Romance novels.

Inspirational Romance

The inclusion of Inspirational Romance novels into the popular romance novel category may be surprising to some readers. But the growing popularity of Inspirational Romance illustrates that readers find chaste, Christian based relationships appealing and satisfying. Religious and spiritual beliefs are the driving force behind the Inspirational Romance Novel. These novels focus on friendships that grow into relationships and are not sexually graphic.

Paranormal Romance

For the popular romance novel fan who enjoys science fiction, the Paranormal Romance genre blends the traditional elements of romance writing with the fantastical elements of science fiction/fantasy. The heroes and heroines of the Paranormal Romance may be any combination of human, vampire, werewolf, shape shifter, and/or any other non-human, human-like being imaginable.

Romantic Suspense

Fans of crime dramas will want to explore the Romantic Suspense novel. Combining the techniques of romance and mystery/thriller/suspense writing, the Romantic Suspense novel focuses on the development of character relationships and plot driven conflict. This popular romance novel genre places the hero/heroine in precarious situations, while simultaneously exploring some element of developing sexual tension and character emotion.

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